• Tom Brady was shockingly close to signing with surprise NFL team

    1 month ago - By New York Post

    The Saints were apparently this close to signing Tom Brady. On Monday, the Buccaneers quarterback stunned fans when he dubbed an unnamed QB a “mother-f-ker” while revealing a mystery team passed on him in free agency. The cryptic comment, which TB12 made in a preview for Friday's episode of “The Shop” on HBO Max, sparked...
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  • Who was Tom Brady referring to with his “motherf-ker” remark?

    Who was Tom Brady referring to with his “motherf-ker” remark?

    1 month ago - By Pro Football Talk

    The question has swirled throughout the NFL for the past 24 hours. Who is the “motherf-ker” to whom Tom Brady is referring in his comments regarding a team that lost interest in signing Brady last year because they were “sticking with” the other guy? Speculation has centered on 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, because: (1) Brady
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  • Tom Brady Reportedly Was Close To Joining This Team Instead Of Bucs

    1 month ago - By NESN

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    Tom Brady elected to take his talents to Tampa Bay last year and the partnership has been fruitful, to say the least.
    But according to NFL insider Jeff Darlington, Brady was close to signing with one of the Buccaneers' fiercest rivals before ultimately heading to Central Florida.
    In a trailer for the latest episode of HBO's “The Shop,” Brady is seen explicitly criticizing a team for passing on him in free agency in March of 2020. The clip prompted Tuesday's panel on “Get Up” to debate which team should most regret not signing TB12 on the open market.
    For Darlington...
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